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If you’re planning to have joint replacement surgery, you need to consult one final medical professional: Dr. Julie Young in Corte Madera. A thorough dental examination to detect the presence of tooth and gum infection is a critical step in the pre-operative plan.

Because it doesn’t receive much attention, many people in the Corte Madera area may not know that gum affects 80 percent of the adult population. This infection slowly progresses over the months and years and is often detected only when it shows up in its advanced stage. Left untreated, common periodontal disease can destroy the bones that support your teeth—and can lead to post-operative infection.

At Julie Young, D.D.S we know that dental patients typically don’t experience any discomfort until the advanced stage of periodontal disease, so it’s no wonder that most people are unaware that they’re affected. Bacteria from this bone-degenerating disease have been attributed to possible infection in people who’ve had joint replacements. A quick and easy visit to Dr. Young can mean the difference between a smooth joint replacement recovery and one marked by infection.

Candidates for joint replacements who haven’t visited Julie Young, D.D.S in over a year should consider a thorough dental evaluation of their teeth and gums before surgery. If an infection is detected, Dr. Young will recommend that you complete treatment prior to your surgery. Treatment of gum infection and any tooth abscesses may take from two weeks to two months.

So don’t delay. If you even suspect that you may have periodontal disease - or if you’re considering joint replacement surgery - call Dr. Young today at (415) 924-5300.

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